Elizabeth Ann's Dilemma

Elizabeth Ann's Dilemma

Elizabeth Ann has a real problem. Her uncle Charlie is a tease. More than that, his teasing is hard and hurts. He also brings her gifts. This combination arouses in Elizabeth Ann an assortment of feelings, the worst being hurt. Confusion and anger follow.

Her mother and father make suggestions, but say that she must solve this problem herself. Matters get worse when Uncle Charlie brings her a bike—a longed for luxury. However, this bike is for a kindergartner and Elizabeth Ann is too big for it. More teasing comes her way as she rides the inadequate bike to school.

It is a present from Uncle Charlie, a music box with a special song, that gives her mother an idea. That idea helps Elizabeth Ann learn to cope with her Uncle Charlie. She puts this skill to good use when her best friend has a similar problem with teasing. Elizabeth Ann helps her friend to deal with her difficult situation.

After much unhappiness with her uncle and a year of thought, she arrives at the exact action to bring to the dilemma she faces. She performs it with skill, delight and kindness. Her surprised Uncle Charlie finally understands—well, almost.

This is a chapter book for readers aged seven to ten.

Length: 23 pages
Publisher: Sara W. McDaris
Publication Date: September 14, 2011
Language: English